The Best Bathroom Cleaner You Haven’t Thought Of (And Probably Already Have)

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There are many reasons why white vinegar tops the list as the best bathroom cleaner.

It’s a natural cleaner, and much friendlier smelling than bleach-based bathroom soaps. There isn’t any lingering odor once your freshly cleaned bathroom is dry. This makes white vinegar the best bathroom cleaner for your nose and lungs, which is a bonus over typical bleach products.

White vinegar makes the best bathroom cleaner because it’s also kid and pet-friendly. But the biggest test is whether or not it will get the job done.

This is where white vinegar really shines and why it makes the list for being the best bathroom cleaner. White vinegar is multi-purpose. Instead of reaching for different cleaners for each part of the bathroom, save some cash by buying white vinegar instead. It’s great for cleaning your shower, bathtub, toilet, mirror, sink, and even some counters and floors.

White Vinegar is anti-microbial, though bleach may be a better option if you’re trying to disinfect an area from germs or bacteria.

What Makes White Vinegar The Best Bathroom Cleaner?

We already mentioned that white vinegar is anti-microbial, but another reason it’s considered the best bathroom cleaner is that it’s also a degreaser and descaler. Vinegar can help to lift oily messes, making them easier to wipe up and preventing the oils from leaving a sticky residue behind.

Without the residue, you’re less likely to find yourself cleaning the same spots time and time again. New messes won’t readily stick to a freshly cleaned surface, which means you will get to enjoy your clean bathroom longer.

What else makes white vinegar the best bathroom cleaner? It will also dissolve mineral and soap build up in your shower. Especially when you notice your showerhead gradually losing pressure, or shooting water in the wrong direction. By removing the buildup, vinegar restores your showerhead to pristine condition.

How To Use White Vinegar To Clean Your Bathroom

The best bathroom cleaner for your mirror:

Combine distilled white vinegar and water 50/50 in a spray bottle. You want to shake the bottle before you use it to make sure the two liquids are well mixed. Spray the mixture on the mirror and use a paper towel to wipe it off. Don’t worry about getting it perfectly dry. White vinegar is the best bathroom cleaner for mirrors because it won’t streak!

The best bathroom cleaner for your toilet:

Pour white vinegar directly into your toilet bowl. Ideally, the vinegar should raise the amount of liquid in the bowl slightly above where it usually sits so that it covers that infamous toilet ring.

Wait 30 minutes and then scrub with your toilet brush as usual. You’ll notice the stains lifting easily off the bowl. And then simply flush. You may want to repeat the process if you missed a stain, but usually, white vinegar will take care of everything in one go.

The best bathroom cleaner for your showerhead:

Grab a bag. Freezer bags are a good option, but a tear-free grocery bag will also work in a pinch. Fill the bag at least half-way with white vinegar, enough to cover the showerhead completely.

Tape your vinegar bag around the showerhead so that it is completely submerged, but leave some air at the top so your vinegar doesn’t start leaking out.

We recommend leaving this up overnight. When you’re done, take the bag down, drain it, and run some water through the shower to rinse. Wha-la! Another perfect reason why white vinegar is the best bathroom cleaner!

The best bathroom cleaner for all surfaces:

You can use white vinegar, straight or in the same 50/50 mixture used for your mirror above, to clean most other bathroom surfaces. Again, the versatility of white vinegar makes it your best bathroom cleaner.

Makeup, especially liquid foundation, can be tricky to clean, spray the spill with white vinegar, wait a few minutes and wipe up.

It’s also good for cleaning around the toilet, cleaning the sink, and taking the soap build-up off shower walls.

One caution though, full-strength vinegar can be damaging to some stone or wood surfaces, especially if they aren’t completely sealed. Limestone and sandstone, in particular, can degrade when exposed to acidic compounds, so you’re better off using an alternative. Look for products specifically labeled for stone and wood use.

With all these benefits it’s hard to believe more people don’t know white vinegar is one of the best bathroom cleaners. You probably already have it in your home and it’s cheaper than most other cleaning products.

For even more ideas check out this list of ways to use white vinegar at home from Today.

Or, if you’d rather give us a call so we can clean your bathroom for you, get a quote today.

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