3 Tips for Easy Hardwood Floor Maintenance

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Well-kept hardwood floors add a lot of warmth and personality to your home. The beautiful color and grain of the wood can make your room feel brighter and more welcoming. Of course, hardwood floors need some extra care to keep them looking pristine. These tips and tricks will take the guesswork out of cleaning and help you create an easy hardwood floor maintenance routine.

Leave Boots And Shoes By The Door

No really, this simple step can make a huge difference in your hardwood flooring. Snow and rain are hard on wood flooring, even when it’s been sealed, so storing your shoes by the door helps to prevent weather damage. 

Shoes also trap dust and dirt between the sole and your floor. Over time all that grit is like sandpaper, wearing through the finish and leaving scratches and scuffs. 

Try putting a shoe cubby near the door to help with this easy hardwood floor maintenance tip. Not only will the storage help you keep your shoes organized and in better condition but having a physical reminder by the door will also help everyone remember. 

(check out this step-by-step guide for refinishing your floors if they’re already damaged or dull) 

Sweep Every Other Day

Sweeping every other day may seem like a chore, but by staying ahead of the dust and dirt you’ll save a lot of time and effort. 

The broom you use is up to you, although soft-bottomed brooms are better than brooms with stiff bristles. Swiffer mops and microfiber mops are great ‘broom’ options since they are incredibly soft and don’t fling the dust or dirt. 

You can vacuum instead if that’s easier. However, if you decide to vacuum you need to use a hardwood attachment with no beater bar, the bristles on the bar wear down your finish over time. Vacuuming may not get everything off the floors, depending on the suction, so a broom may be a better option.

By sweeping every other day you will consistently stay ahead of the dirt and dust. Staying ahead of the game protects the smooth surface of your finish making for easy hardwood floor maintenance since less dirt will stick to a smooth surface in the first place. 

How To Mop For Easy Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Mopping can be another tricky part of cleaning and maintaining your floors. You want to avoid excess moisture whenever possible to prevent the hardwood boards from warping, but sometimes your floors need more than a simple sweep. 

The key to good moping for easy hardwood floor maintenance is using as little moisture as possible and letting as little of that moisture sit on the floor as possible. Wet jet mops with a built-in-sprayer work well for this, but a regular old spray bottle will work just as well. For more information, look at this list of the best mops for hardwood floors

Most of the time warm water is all you need to mop hardwood flooring. However, if you’re concerned about oily build-up or other messes you can add a small amount of white vinegar or lemon juice to your mop water. 

You want to stick to a small amount because acidic compounds can break down your finish. A teaspoon of vinegar in several cups of water is plenty. Vinegar is a great natural cleaner, check out this post for even more ways to use it in your home.

Any time you use anything more than plain water, whether it’s a hardwood cleaner, vinegar, or lemon juice, you should test the solution in an unobtrusive corner to make sure it doesn’t dull the finish.

Spray the floor directly in front of your mop, 1-2 sprays are enough for a couple of feet of flooring. Any water left behind on the floor needs to be wiped up as quickly as possible.

Adding all three of these tricks into your routine makes for easy hardwood floor maintenance that will keep your floors bright and welcoming for years to come.

Of course, we’re happy to do the cleaning for you. Save even more time and get a quote today.

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