The Ultimate Guide to Fast Pre-Party Cleaning

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Found Yourself in a Cleaning Rush?

We get it. You started with the best of intentions. You planned cleaning tasks for the whole week leading up to your party. You never meant to resort to fast pre-party cleaning.

But work was crazy all week long, or your kids told you about a school project last minute and you spent all your free time working with them so they wouldn’t fail out of 5th grade. 

Whatever it was, you’ve found yourself with a full checklist, nothing done, and only scrambling time to get your home ready so you have to Fast Pre-Party Cleaning. 

It’s okay, we’ve all been there and help you to Fast Pre-Party Cleaning. 

Our quick checklist for fast pre-party cleaning will get your house ready without the headaches and stress. 

Prioritized & Fast Pre-Party Cleaning Checklist

Dishes, Dishes, Dishes

Dishes are the first item on our list for a couple of reasons. You need to make sure you have enough dishes for your guests, and nothing screams unprepared like a sink of soaking tableware. 

The good news is that you don’t have to wash every single dish. Instead, count how many of each item you need, and add 1 or 2 extras. Make sure those dishes are clean. 

If there’s anything leftover, load it into your dishwasher. But, don’t run it unless you have time for the whole cycle to finish before your guests arrive. 

Doing your dishes includes tidying and wiping down your kitchen counters as well.

Cleaning Major Walkways

To Fast Pre-Party Cleaning, even if you don’t have time to vacuum or sweep every floor in your home you can give the impression of a cleaner house by taking care of high-traffic areas. 

Clean the floor by the front door and the walkway to your main gathering area.

If you have time in your fast pre-party cleaning, go ahead and sweep your kitchen and bathroom floors, too. 

To Fast Pre-Party Cleaning, vacuuming or sweeping other areas should be last on your party prep list, most people won’t be paying attention to the floor. 


This is the last item on the list you need to get to Fast Pre-Party Cleaning, and, depending on how long you expect it to take, maybe more important than cleaning walkways. Your call.

This is fast pre-party cleaning though, so you shouldn’t aim to deep clean every bathroom in your home. Prioritize 1-2 bathrooms in the areas closest to your guests. 

Key things to do:

  1. Clean the toilet and toilet bowl
  2. Clean the mirror
  3. Tidy / put away beauty and health products on your counters
  4. Wipe down counters
  5. Close your shower door/curtain
  6. Take out the trash

Gathering Spaces

You probably want to focus on the gathering space when you’re in a rush, but, as long as it’s relatively clean and organized, it’s other rooms and areas that will make the most difference for Fast Pre-Party Cleaning.  

People in a group will be paying attention to each other, so it’s a lower priority for your fast pre-party cleaning checklist. 

If you get a chance, there are some quick things you can do that will add ambiance and make you look and feel like an accomplished host:

  1. Do a general pick up and tidy
  2. Put out folded blankets and throw pillows
  3. Put out a mild scent diffuser, or light a scented candle in a food-friendly fragrance
  4. Put out coasters and appetizer plates or munchies. 


If you have time for some of these extras, awesome! But these are bonus-points tasks and you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have time and Fast Pre-Party Cleaning. You can also look at GQ’s party guide for more ideas 

  • Clean out your guest bedroom for coats and purses
  • Vacuum or sweep everywhere
  • Dust flat surfaces like shelving and the top of your TV
  • Hang special decorations 

For next time, take a look at Better Homes and Gardens 7-day checklist for no-sweat party prep

Or, Get a Quote to make your next gathering even easier, or to handle the clean-up from this one!

If you aren’t sure, take a look at our services page to get a better idea of what we do and how our focus on customer service helps us stand out!

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