Best Green Cleaning Tools For Eco-Living

We all have the best intentions, but it can seem impossible to find natural, eco-friendly alternatives to our favorite cleaning tools. Plastic sponges, spray bottles, disposable paper towels, they all add up to a frightening amount of mess. Fortunately, some of the best green cleaning tools out there aren’t just green replacements, they’re more effective too. 

If you’re curious why replacing your plastic cleaning tools is important, Waste Reduction Week in Canada put together a helpful infographic about how much plastic waste is produced in Canada. 

Best Green Cleaning Tools For Your Whole Home

There are plenty of products out there for you as an eco-conscious consumer. But the cleaning industry can often feel behind the times when it comes to green products. You can buy reusable grocery bags, plastic-free produce, and look for sustainable use labels on everything from food to clothing.

But, unless you’re okay with using steel wool and dishrags for all the cleaning in your home, it’s hard to find similar sustainable choices when it comes to cleaning and best green cleaning tools. 

That’s why we put this list together. You may not be able to find everything in your local grocery store, but it’s all available online. As a bonus, the best green cleaning tools are usually longer-lasting than their plastic counterparts. 

Bamboo Scrapers and Dish Brushes

These make our list of the best green cleaning tools because bamboo is a fast-growing, durable wood that is also compostable. Bamboo is a great replacement for other household items as well, including toothbrushes.

Of course, you can go the disposable route and get bamboo sponges. But we found dish brushes and pan scrapers were both more effective than sponges, and significantly longer-lasting. 

Plus, a set of 3-4 tools can handle pretty much anything your dishes throw at it.

You also won’t have to throw out your brushes when they get dirty, they’re easy to clean. Here is a simple how-to article to get you started. 

You can also order extra bamboo brushes to use for your other cleaning needs. A bamboo brush, plus a cleaning rag, is a potent combination for most messes. 

Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Instead of using store-bought plastic spray bottles for your cleaners, amber glass spray bottles are one of the best green cleaning tools you can own. These bottles are refillable, and work well with bulk cleaners, or for diluting cleaner concentrates. 

Alternatively, make your own home cleaning supplies. We have some suggestions there too. Take a look at our window and bathroom cleaning suggestions for more DIY cleaning ideas. 

While you can find glass spray bottles in other colors, we recommend using amber glass because it helps protect against light. Some cleaning solutions degrade if they’re exposed to too much UV. 

These bottles help take plastic out of circulation, keep your cleaning materials fresh, and tend to last longer as a bonus. 

Wool Dryer Balls

These are a specialty item. While you can find the other two products on our list in stores, most likely you’ll need to order this one online. However, they’re more than effective and useful enough to be considered one of the best green cleaning tools. 

These little wool balls take the place of your regular dryer sheets. They can also help your clothes dry faster by creating air pockets and helping your laundry move in the dryer. Wool dryer balls are completely re-usable and eco-friendly. If they start to wear out, just toss them in the compost. 

Don’t worry though, it takes a long time for them to show any signs of wear. 

You can also custom-scent your laundry with wool dryer balls, just scent the ball with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. The scent usually lasts a couple of loads and can be refreshed or changed the same way.

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Of course, even the best green cleaning tools won’t make your cleaning as easy as hiring us to do it for you! We believe in natural, green cleaning, and will be happy to take care of your home. Contact us for a quote, today.

Of course, even the best green cleaning tools won’t make your cleaning as easy as hiring us to do it for you! We believe in natural, green cleaning, and will be happy to take care of your home. Contact us for a quote, today.

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