The One Cleaning Resolution You Need For The New Year

If you’re anything like us, you find yourself making cleaning resolutions every New Year. Some last for a few months. Until you’re caught up in summer fun and family activities. Others barely see the end of January. Some may only happen once or twice before finding themselves in the pile of unrealized resolutions. But there is one cleaning resolution you need, and we promise, this one you can stick to. 

The One Cleaning Resolution That Works!

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we all aim for loft goals when we make them. We want a magic wand that lets us immediately become the people we want to be. That same wand would give us all the good habits out busy lives prohibit. But, it’s a dream, not reality. 

The one cleaning resolution that will work is a cleaning resolution you can keep! Specifically, start with a small daily commitment that’s easy to accomplish and highly rewarding. Commit to cleaning for a short set period, every day. 

One cleaning resolution. Just one. Clean for a small amount of time, every day.

For some people, it’s easy to add 15 minutes of cleaning into their normal routine. For others, the number may be more like 5 minutes. This is a  judgment-free zone. Pick a manageable amount of time for you. Don’t assign yourself specific chores for this time. At first, it’s better to organically pick chores based on what needs doing. 

Why Only Clean For A Short Time?

While your goal may be to spend more time cleaning in the long-term, you want this to be an easy resolution to keep. We recommend your one cleaning resolution be no more than 20 minutes of cleaning. Even 5 minutes a day can make a significant difference. 

Modern appliances have made it easy to put off chores and cleaning until things are obviously dirty. By the time you can see the grime, it’s too late. Those germs and bacteria have already built up along with dirt and dust. Your whole family is already exposed. 

Cleaning for a shorter time will help you build a daily habit. Plus, even short intervals of daily cleaning will keep your home significantly cleaner and healthier than a big scrub down every other week. 

One cleaning resolution, not enough? If you want to maximize your cleaning time, these other resolutions will help make your cleaning more effective.

Will You Really Notice A Difference?


Believe it or not, even a short interval of cleaning will make a tremendous difference. That’s why this one cleaning resolution is so powerful. 10 minutes of cleaning doesn’t take a lot of energy. But 10 minutes of cleaning every day will help transform your space. 

Concentrate on one task or area each day. It might be the same task, it might be different every day. 

Cleaning Ideas:

  • Scrub your stovetop
  • Wash your mirror and scrub the toilet
  • Sweep or vacuum 1 room
  • Put laundry away
  • Launder entry and bath rugs
  • Wash windows (for tips on easy window cleaning, check out our blog!)
  • Clear off 1 counter or table
  • Organize 1 shelf or drawer
  • Clean leftovers out of the fridge

This should be in addition to your normal cleaning routine. Already have a laundry day, stick to it. Do you deep-clean the kitchen once a week? Great, keep that up! This one cleaning resolution should be an addition, not a replacement, to your current habits. 

Before you start on your one cleaning resolution, it may be helpful to do some deep post-holiday cleaning. This article outlines some of the most important holiday cleanup to help you get started. 

Final Thoughts:

We know that keeping up with everything in your busy life isn’t easy. Our one cleaning resolution is designed to make it just a little bit easier. 

But, we’re always here if you need a little more help. Whether it’s a regular cleaning service or a one-time job to help you get back on track, we’re happy to help. Get a quote, today!

Wanting to say thank you to someone special this holiday season? We offer gift cards too!

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