Pet Stain Secrets: The Easy Way To Keep Your Home Fresh


There is nothing quite like having pets. Our furry companions see us through good times and bad, and they love us no matter what. But owning pets comes with some smelly accidents. Keeping your home clean can seem like a challenge when you have a furry companion. Fortunately, our pet stain secrets will keep your home clean and pet-odor free.

Pet Stain Secret 1: Don’t Wait

We get it. When your animals have an accident, it can be tempting to leave the mess for a couple of minutes. You might even be tempted to head to work or other commitments before cleaning up the mess. 

After all, the damage is already done, right? 


Our number one pet stain secrets is that you should deal with accidents as soon as possible. For one thing, cleaning up right away will prevent your pets from spreading the stain around. But the longer you let an accident sit, the more likely the scent will set in place. 

So, clean the mess as soon as you see it. Don’t let the odor from urine, feces, or vomit make its way into your carpet fibers!

Pet Stain Secret 2: No Steam

Steam cleaners are a wonderful invention. Carpeting needs a thorough clean every once in a while, and it may be natural to reach for a steam cleaner when you’re dealing with pet accidents and odors. 

Especially when you’re looking at repeat accidents in one area!

But the pet stain secret that makes steam a no-go is simple. Too much heat can lock odors in place, especially in artificial fibers. While the steam will lift out the dirt and clean up your pet’s accident, it will make it harder to get rid of the scent. 

Avoid lingering smells by cleaning with a water rinse. Room-temperature water will do the trick. You can boost it with vinegar, baking soda, or a natural cleaner designed for pet odors. 

Take a look at the Humane Society’s article on pet accidents for some tips on preventing your pets from having accidents in the same location. 

Pet Stain Secret 3: Be Gentle

Pet stain secret, One of the first things we want to do when we see a stain is to get scrubbing. There’s something satisfying about putting in a little elbow grease and watching the color improve. 

The problem is, and the reason being gentle is an important pet stain secret, all that scrubbing pushes small particles even deeper. 

Those small particles may not seem like much, but they’ll still smell. Worse, your pet can smell them even when you can’t. And if they can smell an accident, they’re more likely to think of that place as a suitable bathroom. 

Blot up messes gently to avoid pushing the stain deeper. 

Pet Stain Secret 4: Cleaners

Of course, just plain water isn’t always enough. Vinegar, which helps to neutralize ammonia, is a good way to lift stains. A little vinegar in the water will boost it while you clean, without any extra work. 

Stubborn stains, or smellier #2 accidents, can be treated with baking soda and a small amount of vinegar. While this solution will fizz and produce some heat, it neutralizes the particles more effectively than steam cleaners. 

Another alternative is to add a little dish soap to the wash water. Don’t add dish soap to vinegar, the two cleaners neutralize one another.

Or, take a look at this DIY pet stain cleaner recipe from Hills Pet to make your own. 

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